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7 Ethel Ave                                                                       
Hawthorne,NJ 07506
Office: 973.949.4474
Fax: 973.949.4475

Thank you for visiting us at Beacon Communications.

If you have come here looking for your  average "run of the mill" A and L crew, you have come to the wrong company All of us at Beacon pride ourselves on our innovative and effective approach to the "big boy" jobs. We specialize in all types of tower stacking, reguying, gin pole, crane and helicopter picks and structural upgrades to existing communications structures. Our company is based upon the idealogy that only a select few can do what we do and do it properly. It is the very blood line that pumps through the very heart of this company and pushes us to take on bigger and more complicated projects without emptying the pockets of our trusted and loyal customers.

So please take your time and peruse our site in the interest of becoming part of the Beacon team. Please enjoy and feel free to contact us with any questions or oppurtunities for us to serve you.

Thank you.
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