Current And Past Projects;

Woodbridge, NJ / GSPkwy / MetroPCS

Structural upgrade to a monopole with three existing carriers. Upgrade includes instalation of 6 - 300lb gusset plates with 12 - 4ft reenforncing plates welded to the gussets on the ground to give the base of the pole additional support. 8ft plates are welded up to first carrier to provide support for the pole. And foundation reenforcement with an additional rebar cage with dowl anchors in to the existing pole foundation. Once our certified welder is complete, our RF team will come in and complete the A/L installation. Project completion took 4 weeks. 



Plainview, NY/ WCBS

Swap out of an ENG weather dish for WCBS at 220'. Weather dish services the Metropolitan Area. 


Fallsburg, NY / Verizon Wireless

Raw land site GC'd by Beacon. Verizon needed a 220' tower on top a mountain near the school. Beacon formed and poured the foundation for the building as well as the tower. All electric was subbed out to local electricians. Once pads passed inspection, tower was stacked in two days. Stone was laid around the compound, fence installed, properety was graded and site was cleaned, all in house.


 East Brunswick, NJ / T-Mobile 

Town was upset about the 120' self-supporting TMobile tower. TMobile solution was to mask the tower and its antenna as a clock tower. Beacon Installed fiberglass I-beams and panels, all modified and cut in the field, all the way to the top where a clock was to be installed.


ISS / McGuire Joint AirForce Base

Emergency broadcast Alert system for AirForce base personnel. Project included excavating, foundation for broadcast tower, antenna install, electrical and alert signs throughout Air Force base. 


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