Safety And Certification

Beacon's Promise:

We at Beacon take safety very seriously. Our industry is one of the most deadly industries in America and we promise to do our part to prevent this from getting worse. On-site safety is key to finishing a project and keeping our team safe. No project is more important than our men and we promise to keep that promise.  


Every aspect of a project has safety factored in. We depend on our personnel and the comradary to ensure safety. Every employee, new or seasoned, is trained, trained again and trained on their training. Every morning all employees and anyone affiliated with the site must attend "tailgate safety meetings" to discuss safety protocol, nearest hospitals and CPR procedures. From bidding to clean-up Beacon maintains a safe work environment at all times:

Personnel And Equipment

Our team is what makes Beacon thrive. Our employees have up to date top of the line safety equipment and harnesses. All of our harnesses are custom fitted to each employee to ensure maximum comfort and safety. Our tools are accounted for and cleaned everyday to ensure they are working properly. Each climber's PPE and PFA equipment is inspected routinely and stored safely to mitigate any weather damage.  


We encourage all employees to speak out in regards to safety violations or unsafe work practices. Whether it be in house problems, our PM's, GC's or our subcontracrors, there are no excuses. And we will reprimand and evict ANY individual compromising on-site safety and integrity. 

Certifications And Qualifications

- OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety Training
- ComTrain Advanced Tower Climbing Safety & Rescue
- ComTrain Tower Climbing Safety & Resuce
- Rescue Instructor Assoc. High Angle/High Resue Techniques
- Standard First Aid (Amer. CPR Care Assoc.)
- BHLS/CPR Adult, Child, Infant & AED Training(Amer CPR Care Assoc.)
- Medical Examiners Certifications on all employees
- General Technical Institute AWS Welding Certification



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