About Beacon

Beacons' two owners, Luis Loza and George Dempsey, have over 50 years of combined expertise in the broadcast and wireless industry. They have forged a path through each company they have operated under for each of their near 26 years in all aspects of the communications industry. Their experience began with the days of Cellular One and PageNet and where stacking a guy tower or installing 6-bay FM antenna was an everyday occurance. This experience makes Beacon a very powerful entity among the communcations industry. Dinosaurs of a once booming industry, now very few companies with this level of experience and knowledge are still around. We few companies strive to carry on this tradition and pride ourselves upon our innovative and efficient approach to these projects.

We service all aspects of the telecommunications industry;

    - Structural Steel Fabrication And Modifications Services
            - Tower Reenforcing
            - Tower Demos and Removals
            - RF Modifications and Upgrades
            - Tower and Pole Modifications and Upgrades
            - Structural Welding
            - Dunnage and Canopy Fabricating
            - Foundations
    - Erections Services
            - Self-Suppoters
            - Guy-Towers
            - Lattice Towers
            - Monopoles
            - Flagpoles
    - Guy-Wire Retensioning And Replacement
    - Crane, Gin-Pole and Helicopter Tower Stacking
    - Tower/Pole Mapping And Inventory
    - AM/FM and Broadcast Installation
    - Antenna and Line Installation Services
    - AM/FM and Broadcast Installation, Repair And Replacement
    - Microwave
    - Federal and Government Communications
    - Maintenance Services
    - Site Management and Leasing

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